A West Point graduate and former Army officer, William C. Walter founded this firm after practicing law for over 22 years as a partner at large and medium size law firms, serving as General Counsel of a national bank, and handling complex legal matters in over 20 states and several foreign countries.

These experiences, combined with our application of military principles to litigation, allow us to provide our clients with a unique product of the highest quality.  The framework, plan of attack, and the tried and true tactics we employ in litigation matters enable us to efficiently accomplish our clients’ objectives.

We solve our clients’ problems.  Regardless of their nature, our mission remains fixed, determined, inviolable:  it is to win your legal wars.  The ways we do so form the cornerstones of our practice:

First, we simply work harder – most of the time much harder – than the opposition.

Second, at the outset of a case, we clearly identify the client’s objective, develop a strategy to accomplish it, and then intensely focus upon and crisply execute the tasks required to do so.

Third, we will never engage in immoral or unethical conduct in any case. However, our thorough knowledge and substantial experience in litigation, combined with our willingness to consistently put in long hours, enable us to employ innovative and often unorthodox strategies and tactics without fear or hesitation.  In these ways, we provide outside-the-box thinking to our clients that larger firms with multiple levels of attorneys and paralegals too often cannot and do not.

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